How to choose the right colors for your skin tone

How to choose the right colors for your skin tone

In the modern time of social media influence, we want to stay up to the mark. We want everything to go just right and perfect. For this, the first thing to work on is YOU. Choosing the right colors for your skin tone can be a draining task because there are numerous shades for one color.

Only you will know the contrast that sets best for your skin, so don’t overwhelm yourself with opinions and select wisely.

Dark skin tone

Bright and showy colors like royal blue, lavender, bright rose, dark green go well with this skin tone. These will make your skin go prominent and contrast with your whole body in a better way than softer colors that will dull your aura.

Light skin tone

For lighter skin, choose grey, baby pink, sky blue, mint green colors to make your look complement your whole personality. Black fits well with softer skin as well.

Brown skin tone

Saturated color shades will do you right with your look with brown skin. You can either go with a pink or with a cobalt color. Since this tone is slightly tilted towards the darker shade, I prefer to go with flashy colors.

When choosing the right colors for your skin tone, make sure you keep balance in your outfit. It includes selecting the colors that suit your personality, the formality of the event you are dressing up for, matching accessories perfecting the dress patterns, and lastly, your makeup look blending in perfectly with your skin color. Keep in mind your previous experiences with different color shades, and choose wisely.

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